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The Five-Day Unlimited Giveaway

In Uncategorized on February 6, 2012 at 2:44 pm

Free Copies for Five Days

Ever since Another Broken Wizard came out in August, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness, enthusiasm and support from all of you.

And now at the six-month mark, Amazon has presented me with the opportunity to give the e-book away for five days. And so Another Broken Wizard will be available for free from the early morning on Thursday, February 9 until midnight PST on Monday, February 13.

If you haven’t downloaded Another Broken Wizard yet, then please grab a free copy. And if you know someone who might like it, then tell them about the offer, which they can find here:

With the promotional efforts for Another Broken Wizard drawing to a close, please check out Dodds’ new project, called G3nt—A Handbook for the Third Millennium Gentleman. It’s an advice column for gentlemen in our confusing age. There’s a new question answered every weekday. And they need your questions. You can find it here:

Thank you all again.


Colin Dodds