The Jack O’Connell Blurb

In Uncategorized on November 29, 2011 at 6:57 pm

Jack O’Connell, the Worcester-based author of The Resurrectionist, Box Nine and several other novels, has written the latest blurb for Another Broken Wizard.

He writes: “Another Broken Wizard is a terrific coming-of-age tale that rings utterly true. Dodds has a gift for conveying the sounds of his people and their world. He can make highway hypnosis as fascinating as a gang brawl. And he has a natural radar for locating the perfect detail to evoke the sense of what it feels like to be caught between the past and the future, between loyalty and logic, and between the security of the known and the impulse to evolve. Though I came of age in the primordial mists, it somehow felt like he was giving me a tour of my own past. Another Broken Wizard is compulsively readable. I’ll be giving this book to some of my friends.”

I met Jack at the Worcester County Young Writers’ Conference in 1992, when I was fifteen. Although he was talking to a room of us kids with just a few short stories to our credit, he spoke bluntly about the difficulties inherent in, and discipline required for a writing life. He made a lasting impression on me, and I am glad Another Broken Wizard has given me the chance to get in touch with him again.


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