The Reviews Keep Coming In

In Uncategorized on November 8, 2011 at 8:18 pm

The latest review of Another Broken Wizard, from, is up!

Here’s an excerpt: “All the interactions are so realistic and empathetic, every character is flawed but deeply relate-able. And there’s a sadness that permeates the story of so many characters who are struggling to make life different from how it’s turning out, all in their own flawed way, and none of the issues are forced. It’s great… it kept me nostalgic for something that isn’t my story, isn’t my town, and I got really emotionally involved. I may have shed a tear at the beautifully foreshadowed climax, and I do not cry easily! Seriously. Give it a read.”

Many thanks to Bridget Kulakauskas at illiterarty for her thoughtful and thorough review. You can read it here:

Also, Amazon is selling the ebook of Another Broken Wizard for $2.50 now:

The paperback is just $9.95, in a handsome edition that will make a wonderful gift for the reader or New Englander in your life.


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