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The Paperback Sale

In Uncategorized on August 26, 2011 at 12:11 am

Barnes & Noble is selling Another Broken Wizard paperbacks at a pretty steep discount.

So if you haven’t bought it yet, or know someone who hasn’t read Another Broken Wizard, and should, here’s your chance to pick it up cheap.



The Interview

In Uncategorized on August 21, 2011 at 5:40 pm

Here’s a short interview that filmmaker and journalist Matt Dublin conducted with me the other day. In it, we discuss the inspiration behind Another Broken Wizard, the process of writing it and some of my experiences as a novelist.

Colin Dodds, author of Another Broken Wizard from Matt Dublin on Vimeo.

I think Matt did a great job. And I hope you enjoy it.

The Merchandise

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You’ve read it, you’ve told your friends about it, and now you can wear Another Broken Wizard. After your many requests, Cafepress has asked to be the official vendor of shirts, mugs and shot glasses featuring Brendan Lorber’s iconic cover design.

Check it out here:

The Places You Can Go

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It’s been a little over two weeks since Another Broken Wizard went on sale. And this is a summary of the places you can find it. If you’re enjoying the book, or have enjoyed it, here are the links to pass on to your friends.

The E-Book

The Paperback

The Short Film

The Interview

The Reviews

The Merchandise

The Facebook Page

The Here and Now


The (Unrelated) Poems

The Bargain

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Another Broken Wizard is available at a discount!

In a bid to become the premier retailer of Another Broken Wizard, Google Books has cut its own commission. And that’s taken a hefty chunk off the book’s cover price.

The Google Books page is a bit bare bones, but offers an easy preview:

You can find the synopses, reviews, videos and other information about Another Broken Wizard here.

The Print Edition

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Due to overwhelming demand, Another Broken Wizard is now available in print! No cell tower, wi-fi, wires, plugs, buttons or touch screens needed! Just a good old-fashioned paperback book.

You can buy it here:

And they will send it right to your door.

So curl up with the book that “…gets Worcester and shows it in all of its glories and cracks,” according to Worcester Pulse Magazine, which adds that: “Dodds is a master of writing the town life and capturing all of the said and unsaid. His characters are so full of waiting, of pain, and of hope that never reaches past the next day.”

The iPhone and iPad Editions

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Good news! The iPhone and iPad editions of Another Broken Wizard are available.

Just go to iTunes and search for it there.


Otherwise, you can still find it here:


The Heartfelt Thanks

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It’s been a week since Another Broken Wizard went on sale. And I want to sincerely thank everyone who bought the book in the past week, and to everyone who reviewed it, or just befriended it on facebook.

So far, the campaign has been a success, with many sales, and several reviews on the way from all quarters of the print and online world in the coming months.

But more importantly, promoting Another Broken Wizard has given me a chance to reconnect with a lot of old friends, and to meet some new ones.

If you’ve become annoyed with the emails, updates, television specials, billboards and skywriting for Another Broken Wizard—fear not, this concludes the frontal assault of my promotional blitz.

Now it’s up to you. So please tell your all friends about Another Broken Wizard.

It’s available here:

The Latest Review

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Many thanks to Kevin Kosar for writing the first post-publication review of Another Broken Wizard on his website.

“Dodds has written a fine novel. He has a voice wholly his own, and he captures the elemental good and bad in the American male. Joe’s recklessness and gang feud creates a looming peril that keeps the reader on edge,” Kosar writes.

Check out his review here:

And be sure to pick up Kevin’s seminal work on whiskey: